Brushed Nickel Metal Corner Shelf (Shower Corner Caddy)

  • Great for both New Construction and Remodeling Projects:
    • Fits into grout joint,
    • No tile cutting required,
    • Great for Showers,
    • Metal Corners are available in Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Dark Bronze, White Power Coated and Black Powder Coated.
    • Decorative looking Shower Corner Caddy.
  • Easy Installation:
    • Remove grout approximately 9½” from inner corner on each wall using a grout saw or rotary tool.
    • Apply silicone in the grout cavity and/or on the edge of the shelf.
    • Insert the Corner Shower Shelf into the grout joint and allow the silicone to cure.
    • Finish installation with additional silicone or color matching grout caulk to form a water-tight seal.
    • Never plan or start installation without having the actual piece on site.

Approx Size: 9½ in. from inner corner on each wall.
Other Sizes: N/A.
Application: Walls. Corners.
Areas: Shower, Bathroom, Tub Shower, Backsplash, Kitchen, Entry.
Finish: Brushed Nickel.
Material: Anodized Aluminum.
Type: Fixture, Shower Fixture

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