diamoN tile & Stone is one of the direct importers of Stones & Tiles. We are committed to Quality, Value, and Integrity for our customers. We specialize in only Premium Grade Stones from all around the world.

We combine the Old Stone Tradition with the Modern Style. Our prestigious Stone imports can be used almost in all exterior and interior projects to create natural elegance and attraction.

We provide you the lowest price for our quality material because you do not pay a broker or a distributer; you DIRECT-BUY from the source.

We work with you to provide desired custom sizes for each unique project for flooring, walls, steps, facade, stairs, kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, risers, thresholds, windowsill etc. on both commercial and residential areas. We can supply natural stones in any dimension and at any surface finishes you desire.

Our customers range from homeowners to builders, designers to architects.

We believe that we can contribute to the quality of life in our community by giving you exclusive access as a direct importer.